Sunday, December 17, 2017


It's been a while since I've done a Sunday School lesson recap on my blog. I guess I never really classified it as such, but did use to share at least the highlights from my class kinda regularly.

Today's lesson focused on Joshua 3:5 where the Isrealites were about to cross the Jordan River and their leaders were giving instructions. Joshua's instructions were clear: consecrate/sanctify/purify yourself for tomorrow the Lord will do amazing things.

A couple of things.

1. We are all so eager and happy and excited to do great things for God, but we forget we aren't in control. We have no power or authority that produces great things. Our job is to consecrate ourselves to God and he will do amazing things. Often times he chooses to use us, but we aren't the driving force. We don't have to make things happen and put the ball into motion. That's God's job! We only have to consecrate ourselves. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Are we as devoted to God in our down time as in our serving time? When there is a project or a church program we have volunteered to help with, we are all in. We plan it. We show up when needed. We are ready to work! But what about in our down time? How many countless hours do we spend scrolling through Facebook that could have been devoted to God? How many minutes/hours are we wasting that could be better spent in his presence? In his Word? Preparing ourselves for whatever is coming next.

We say we need down time. We refresh our selves by doing mindless things like playing games on our phones, or watching TV. Could we not make the habit of finding our refreshing in Him?  We all have excuses, but what if we stopped justifying our lack of devotion and changed our priorities? Are we scared we will be disappointed by his absence? That he won't be found by us when we seek him? That he'll ask something of us we aren't willing to give? Or have we set up in our minds this perfect experience, perfect circumstance where we could avail ourselves to all he has and that time never comes. More times than I dare to admit, I have started out with good intentions, with personal goals and expectations that only lead me to failure. In my eyes, but not in the eyes of my loving Father who just wants to spend time with me. Who doesn't care if I get off schedule or if I have an off day. Who doesn't punish me when I return to him but is waiting with open arms.

So my goal is to be more devoted, to fall more in love with the one who loved me first in the middle of my mess. And as much as I'd like to quantify that, I know that I can't. I want my go to time filler to be time with Him. Not always in the quiet or uninterrupted, but to live life like he is physically with me. My best friend who is always my side. And see God do amazing things as I do my part and consecrate myself unto him.

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