Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Gearing Up

School and I have a love hate relationship. I personally love learning and love helping with homework, but I hate the pressure school puts on my kids. I hate that a lot of the time schoolwork is an argument we have. That I can't do it all for them or make it easier for them.

Every year I try really hard to have no expectations. So I won't be disappointed when they aren't met. And historically, when I take a breath and feel like things are going okay (which is a big accomplishment), I get hit in the chest with reality. Whether by a call from a teacher or the first parent teacher conference or an IEP/ARD meeting (I hate these!)

So this year I am giving myself goals and expectations that I control rather than placing that on my kids (which is just normal for me, even when I intentionally don't). Goals about how I react and how I help or motivate them.

Originally I decided I would try to focus on the positive. Give a lot of positive reinforcement and not even mention the negative unless they ask for help on that end. And I realized I have problems with that because I often don't even see the positive. So my prayer has changed to "God, help me see the good you see. Help me see them as you do." Cause I've realized I can't comment on what I don't see.

For fear that I am praising them when they are being irresponsible behind my back or when I don't have all the facts, I've been hesitant to praise. (And the fact that I'm not just a natural encourager.) But God has convinced me, that even if they are doing other things I don't want to encourage behind my back and even if it appears that I am being manipulated to others looking in and judging my parenting choices, I have to choose to see past that and praise the good. Even if I look a fool. Even if they are manipulating me. That is all on them and I can only control me. And I  don't want any regrets, but  want to know I'm parenting  how God has showed me. And I'll take the other stuff to God and let him have those things.

God knows I can't do this by myself, so he'll have to give grace a lot and provide strength and help me as I move forward on to the next school year.

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